Italian specialities from Sicilian-born head chef Armando. 4 stars in AOK.



Italian specialities from Sicilian-born head chef Armando. 4 stars in AOK.

Why you should dine here:

  • Sicilian-born owner serves authentic Italy
  • 4 stars for ‘classic Italian cuisine’
  • Homemade pasta


The Emperor of Olufsvej

At the corner of Olufsvej you will find Ristorante L'Imperatore, which has replaced the pizza with authentic delicacies from Sicily. 

The chef, Armando Di Raffaele, was born and raised in Sicily himself, worked as a young man in the family restaurant and opened his own restaurant L'Imperatore first in northern Italy, Bolzano, in a building where Emperor Joseph had once lived.

Berlingske acknowledges with 4 stars

Svend Rasmussen, a Berlingske reviewer, acknowledged 4 stars after his Italian evening, saying:

"... a rustic and long-distance Sicilian evening, where the classic Italian cuisine turned out its best."

In addition, he christened L'Imperatore for 'The Emperor of Olufsvej'.

The taste of Sicily

In the suitcase, Armando packed L'Imperatore, the Sicilian goods and went to Copenhagen, Østerbro. Since 2016 it has been possible to get a bite of the magnificent Mediterranean island and the kitchen focuses on Italian and especially Sicilian specialties such as fettuccine with wild, risotto with squid ink, ravioli with truffles and a large selection of seafood and an assortment of meat from lamb to beef.

The pasta is homemade, the bread is freshly baked and all the fruits and vegetables are organic.