Hot Pot Republic

Chinese hot pot restaurant in the best social dining style.

Hot Pot Republic


Chinese hot pot restaurant in the best social dining style.

Why you should dine here:

  • 4 stars for the intense and aromatic side dish
  • You loved the 90s speciality - fondue
  • You love Asian aromas


From pop-up to critically acclaimed restaurant

Hot Pot Republic started as a pop-up in collaboration with the world-famous beer brand, Mikkeller. The concept was embraced by the curious Copenhageners and the popularity resulted in Hot Pot Republic opening its own restaurant on Vesterbrogade.

Fanshuang, the woman behind it, came to Denmark as a student, and quickly discovered how the hot pot's heat could thaw companies in the wet and cold winter.

Concept gets 4 magic hearts

Experience the magic of the hot pot and explore Chinese gastronomy. In the fall of 2019, Hot Pot Republic was awarded 4 hearts by Politiken.

"In Asian Hot Pot Republic, you are responsible for preparing the food, which is both intense and aromatic"

Hot pot a la fondue

The concept is simple - a pot of hot soups is placed for sharing between the guests in the company, after which a wealth of fresh and colorful ingredients adorn the table, ready for guests to put together and prepare vegetables, meat and Asian specialties in the soup.

The hot pot can be seen as the Chinese counterpart to the well-known fondue - albeit in a fresher, healthier version.