Kung Fu II

Japanese kitchen artistry in charming surroundings.

Kung Fu II


Japanese kitchen artistry in charming surroundings.

Why you should dine here:

  • Fusion cuisine behind authentic gastropub experience
  • Vibrating atmosphere


Izakaya, the popular respite

The idea for Kung Fu comes from the Japanese izakayas, where izakaya means a popular Japanese tavern the local dumps on to drink a cup of sake and get some good food in unpretentious and informal settings. At an izakaya bar, guests order a lot of light meals to share as in the best tapas style.

The restaurant scores 4.4 out of 5

Guests love the culinary fusion cuisine and give a total rating of 4.4, out of 5 possible on Facebook. Among the restaurant's many food enthusiasts is also Information's food reviewer, Lars Bjerregaard, who concludes:

"It is impressive when the kitchen in such a new place is running as well as is the case with the Kung Fu warrior in Ravnsborggade. He is more than jumping to something big"

Japanese fusion kitchen

Take on Kung Fu ll and find that the Japanese gastropub cuisine has more to offer than sushi. Here it is the robot charcoal grill that is swinging and the pots are boiling. But the well-known Japanese ingredients such as ginger, chili, panko, fish, seaweed and wasabi are still important ingredients in the small dishes.