Michelin-recommendation and top marks for Lauterbach’s newest place.


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Michelin-recommendation and top marks for Lauterbach’s newest place.

Why you should dine here:

  • Michelin recommendation 2020
  • 5 stars and Travellers' Choice 2020 at TripAdvisor
  • The gastronomic pampering


Gastronomy's Grand Old Man

For more than 30 years, Erwin Lauterbach, has been a trend-setter for what characterizes the food scene in Denmark. He is the master of Danish gastronomy and has trained some of Denmark's best chefs.

In 2001 Lauterbach was named 'Chef of the Year through 25 years' and in 2006 'Chef of the Cooks'.


5 stars and a Michelin recommendation

Erwin's solid craftsmanship is welcomed in the red food bible 2020 and is honored with a Michelin recommendation for the traditional and fresh Danish menu.

Both Politiken and Jyllands-Posten acknowledge with a nice handful of stars.

"It is not often that you are allowed to sit at the table of a chef who manages to gather a lifetime of experience in such a straightforward, unpretentious and redemptive meal."

"If you make your way past Lumskebugten in Copenhagen, you will be enriched with a gastronomic experience by those who may well be far in between."


The story of Lumskebugten

From 1854 and many years ahead, sailors went ashore to visit the old sailor pub at Toldboden. But in 2011 Lauterbach became fascinated by the history of the place, renovated it into, Restaurant Lumskebugten, as we know of today.