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Please pay particular attention to​

- Your order is only valid today and for the time you have ordered.

- Remember to bring your ticket to SMS or e-mail in the restaurant (you do not have to print the ticket).

- Unfortunately you cannot get the money back for the order, but it is allowed to pass the order.

- For restaurant experiences, the table is yours for two hours from the booked dining time - unless otherwise stated.

- For takeaway experiences, you must pick up the food at the ordered time, otherwise you could risk being rejected even you have bought and paid, because the order only applies at that time.


When you shop at earlybird.dk, so you are dealing with earlybird.dk ApS (CVR: 33393407). On earlybird.dk you can buy tickets to restaurant experiences from our quality-conscious cooperative restaurants. The cooperative restaurant and no Early Bird, delivering products and services that a ticket gives access. The ticket is not personal and can be transferred to third parties. The same terms regardless of whether the ticket is issued to the customer or transferred to third parties.

You must be at least 18 years old to buy tickets on earlybird.dk. When purchasing a ticket on earlybird.dk you confirm that you are 18 years or older. When purchasing a ticket on earlybird.dk you agree then these terms.

The ticket is a reference number, which should be available by contacting the Early Bird. Comments on Early Bird on the Internet and buying on the Internet is considered the purchaser's personal request at the Early Birds of business in Denmark.

You can not combine Early Bird ticket with other discounts. Agreements on the site are in Danish and in accordance with Danish law.


1 - The ticket purchased online through www.earlybird.dk.

2 - When you order tickets, asks Early Bird for information (eg. Name, e-mail and credit card information) to the agreement.

3 - Once the purchase is completed, a reference number will be sent by fax. email (and SMS, if requested so) to the e-mail address (the phone number) that you specify during the ordering process. Sending the reference number happens immediately after booking and when the purchase is registered.

4 - The sale of the ticket will not be able, if payment is not successful at the first attempt (eg. Because the specified account does not exist, do not have coverage, credit card number is incorrect, or the card has reached the credit limit)

5 - During the order process you can at any time edit your order.

6 - Once you have an agreement with us, we will keep the order information. You can see your order details on earlybird.dk when you are logged in and on the receipt that is sent to your e-mail address.


Prices of Early Bird are recommended retail prices incl. VAT, to the extent traded taxable benefits, but excluding any possible card fees.

In the payment flow before the payment is successful, any card fees, however, always be clear and conspicuous.There for misprints, exchange rate and price changes and technical errors.

The cooperative restaurants, which sets the price, which sets this at 33% off the normal price.

Early Bird bears no responsibility for misleading pricing, but always working hard to ensure that it is actually the real normal rates and discount rates, which are disclosed and we allow in any way deliberately incorrect price information from cooperative restaurants.

Tickets are subject to a fee. We reserve the right to reduce or raise the fee at any time without notice. The current fee will always appear clearly on the website before you pay.

Payment card fee: When using a payment card issued outside the EU or a payment card belonging to a business account, a payment card fee will be charged.


Payments made by credit card immediately for purchases earlybird.dk (eg. Visa and Mastercard). There can be added to fees depending on the credit card you use, and the fee will be clear and obvious, after which payment you choose to use.

Redeeming tickets with Early Birds partners

The ticket can only be redeemed at the cooperative restaurant ticket is purchased.

All tickets are provided with a unique reference number. Copying, or tampering with, the tickets are not allowed. In case of suspected copying or tampering reserves Early Bird the right to pass on the relevant information collected to the respective partner restaurant and / or to the authorities and to exclude the user from the Early Bird. In addition, the claim being made against the user for compensation of the damage and the possible. loss it has caused.

The validity of your ticket is indicated on the certificate, and also appears during the order process. When the ticket concerns a product that is only offered by cooperative restaurant in a clearly defined time period, the ticket is valid automatically limited.

The validity of your ticket is as a starting point, and to the extent otherwise agreed by written agreement, the date of purchase and from the ticket set starting time and 2 hours ahead. Therefore, if you come later than the specified start time, you still only table in a total of 2 hours from the originally set starting time.

If the ticket is not redeemed in time, ie within 30 minutes after the designated eating time) forfeit the right to the goods or services. You have in this case does not claim any indemnity or compensation. The ticket can not be redeemed for cash.

Gift Cards

A gift certificate for Early Bird can be used for all of our quality-conscious eateries. Therefore, the lucky recipient be sure to find something he / she likes. You will receive gift certificates to your email. Do you have a gift certificate, follow only the normal procedure and write the code when ordering the box with gift cards and press ok.

If the value of the gift certificate is greater than the amount in the cart, will be immediately after the purchase sent a new gift certificate to your e-mail with the remaining amount.

If the value of the gift voucher is less than the amount in the cart, you pay the remaining amount with your charge card, press "next". The voucher is valid for one year from date of purchase.


You can not get a refund for your ticket, but it is allowed to disclose it to third parties.

According to the "Act on Certain Consumer Contracts § 17 paragraph. 2 see. § 9 paragraph. 2 no. 2a" is the purchase of our tickets are not subject to withdrawal.

Purchased tickets will only be refunded in case of cancellation from the restaurant. Early Bird pay back only to the bank account number that refers to the credit card used for payment via Earlybird.dk.

When Early Bird have received your order of the ticket, it is not possible to cancel or change in the ticket content, for example. time, date, menu or other other significant changes. Except in cases where you have the right to cancel the order.

Please refer to the Danish law of contract and purchasing law, including the rules on consumer sales.

Limitation of Liability and reservations

In connection with your use of the experience that is linked to the ticket you bought at earlybird.dk, disclaims Early Bird any responsibility for the goods or services supplied from the cooperative restaurants in connection with the redemption of the ticket.

This disclaimer applies generally to any default by the cooperative restaurant side, so that the buyer or the recipient of an Early Bird ticket could make only one possible. claims against cooperative restaurant for the purchased service.Early Bird is the only provider of ticket and facilitator of the experience, which is linked to the ticket. The product or service that your ticket allows access to be provided by the cooperative restaurant. Early Bird In other words, no share in the actual delivery of goods or services. Therefore, the Early Bird not responsible for any errors or omissions in the cooperative restaurant's supply of goods or services, unless otherwise stipulated by a mandatory Danish law.Any war- or claims can only be given to cooperative restaurant.

Early Bird is also not responsible for misunderstandings, delays or not properly communicated orders and notices as a result of the use of the Internet or other forms of communication exchange between you and Early Bird, unless there is gross negligence or intentional act by the Early Birds page. Early Bird strives to describe and depict the experience related to the purchased ticket as completely and accurately as possible.

You can not do accountability on the Early Bird on the occasion of possibly faulty descriptions of cooperative restaurant unless there are significant errors. Description of the experiences can be found at www.earlybird.dk. Early Bird responsible for any writing or printing errors same place. As a customer of Early Bird you are responsible for the technical equipment and software required to use earlybird.dk, for example, issues. Internet access, browser, e-mail, etc. Early Bird can not be held responsible for the consequences of you that may occur when using earlybird.dk, such as loss of data or damage to your computer system.

At the buyer's acceptance of these terms can Early Bird not be held liable for Damages Act or general compensation principles otherwise, for any loss which the purchaser or recipient of the ticket, may suffer as a result of the application of the Early Bird.

If the Early Bird spite of the above, could be held liable, the liability is always maximized for the payment you paid for the ticket, which is the cause of any injury.

When errors or problems

If you encounter errors or problems with earlybird.dk or ticket and redemption thereof will Early Bird search to help you find a solution.

You can in such cases, contact us at [email protected] or increase to find the answer in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Changing conditions

Early Bird can at any time change these terms and conditions. The applicable conditions will always be on earlybird.dk

Applicable law and disputes

Purchases will be made through earlybird.dk, related to the above terms, etc., are subject to Danish law.

When using earlybird.dk you agree that any dispute between you and the Early Bird, regarding the above terms, etc., should be brought before the Copenhagen City Court.

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earlybird.dk ApS prohibits advertising or through this website or other related services through unsolicited messages and e-mails (spam).


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