Take advantage of the quiet times to generate more revenue

What is Early Bird?

Early Bird guide guests who spontaneously wants to dine out today. 

The guests can only book their table for the same night. Not for tomorrow or for next week.

Since 2011 Early Bird has send 750,000+ guests to our 150+ quality partner restaurants.

Including several from the Michelin guide: Aamanns, Rebel, Norrlyst, Pondus, Mes, Plin, Meille and Theo.

You have the full control of overy single day 

Early Bird is completely on the restaurants terms - you deside:

  1. Which days you want to upen up for bookings on earlybird.dk
  2. Which time periods tables should be available for guests to book
  3. Which menu the guests can eat 
There're no 'no shows' as the guests pay upfront.
You can 'turn tables',  into new tables as the guests only dine for two hours.