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FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I only book a table for today?
    Early Bird is a last minute concept where you can only book on the day.
    You cannot book ahead in time. As soon as it is past midnight, you will be able to book a table for the new day.
  • When are the tables available at Early Bird?
    From midnight you can see the tables for the same evening.
    The restaurants themselves manage their tables at, and therefore there can be several restaurants coming during the day. Just as the restaurant can shut down its tables or open several tables during the day.
  • What is Early Bird?
    See more about the Early Bird concept here
  • Is Early Bird free?
    Early Bird is a free service that you can freely use at your convenience.
    However, we have a small admin fee, which is shown in the booking / purchase process.
  • Why can't I book at all the partner restaurants?
    All our partner restaurants have a login to our system and decide for themselves the days and times they want to use Early Bird.

    Therefore, you may find that some of our partner restaurants do not use Early Bird for extended periods, e.g. if a restaurant has high season in the summer.
  • How often are the Early Bird menus updated?
    All the restaurants have a login to, where they update their menus, so the menus they offer via are similar to the courses / menus they offer to normally paying guests from the street.

    Therefore, it varies from restaurant to restaurant, how often they update their menu at
  • Can outdoor dining be guaranteed?
    Unfortunately we cannot guarantee outdoor dining, but we have created a search filter for the restaurants where outdoor dining is an option.

    If you want to be guaranteed outdoor dining, you must arrange it directly with the restaurant before booking and buying through
  • For how long do I have my table?
    The table is yours for 2 hours from the beginning of the indicated time slot (unless stated otherwise in the menu description).

    If you arrive later than the indicated starting time, you still only have your table for 2 hours from beginning of the initial time slot.

    The reason for this 2-hour limit is that the restaurant may have reserved the table for someone else after your 2 hours.
  • Can I combine Early Bird with other offers?
    No, you can not combine the Early Bird offer with other offers.
  • Do you offer vegetarian menus?
    Our restaurants decide for themselves which menus they want to sell at Early Bird. A handful of the restaurants are increasingly offering vegetarian menus - and these appear under the individual menu descriptions. You can also choose the 'vegetarian' filter in the restaurant overview to see which restaurants always or often offer vegetarian menus.
  • May I bring small children?
    We can unfortunately not answer that, as it is beyond our concept.

    However, we recommend that you contact the restaurant in question and request the opportunity to buy a table through Early Bird for e.g. you and your companion and small children (or buy them at full price in the restaurant).
  • Are beverages included?
    The purchase includes what is described in the menu.

    Some restaurants have chosen to include beverages, however, most restaurants have not.

    If the restaurant has chosen to include drinks, it is described in the menu.

Bookings & Orders

  • How do I purchase a table on
    If you find a restaurant or bar experience you want to buy at Early Bird then press "BOOK TABLE".

    Then you have to select the number of people and the time you want to buy a table. If the restaurant / bar offers more than one menu, you must also choose which one(s) you want to buy. Finish by pressing "NEXT", which will forward you to the payment process.

    You will then receive a receipt with reference number on SMS and e-mail, which you simply show in the restaurant / bar (you do NOT need to print it).
  • Why can't I select the number of persons that we are?
    The restaurant / bar determines the number of tables and seats it wants to offer at

    For example, a restaurant may have chosen to offer one 4-person table at 18.00, and thus you can only buy a table for 4 people for 18.00 at the restaurant in question.
  • Can I cancel my purchase?
    It's not possible to cancel your purchase, but you're allowed to pass on your receipt to someone else.
  • Can I change my purchase?
    Once you have completed and paid for your purchase on Early Bird, it's not possible to change it - including changing the time slot, date, menu etc.

    You can, however, always try and contact the resturant to see if you can change something.

Order Confirmations

  • How do I receive my receipt?
    Once you have completed a purchase at Early Bird, a receipt with a reference number will be sent to your entered e-mail and phone number. It may take up to 10 minutes before you receive both SMS and email.

    If you have not received the receipt by email, try checking your spam filter. You only need either SMS og email to verify your purchase at the restaurant.
  • I have only received my receipt by SMS, but not by e-mail
    Your purchase works as a normal booking. As long as you have a receipt on SMS, it is fine.

    If you have not received a receipt by e-mail, but need it for e.g. your own accounts, please check your spam filter.

    If the e-mail is not there, please contact our customer service, then we can send you another.
  • I have completed the payment but have not received any SMS or email receipt?
    If you have received either an SMS or email receipt, then the purchase has gone through. You only need one of the parts.

    If you have not received an SMS or e-mail receipt, try checking your spam filter.

    If you still do not have a receipt, then the payment has not gone through and you must therefore try again. If the first payment should be confirmed with NemID, we would recommend you try MobilePay next time as it runs more stably.
  • How do I redeem my receipt?
    You simply just show your receipt, which you have received on email and SMS, at the restaurant. You do not need to print the receipt.
  • For how long is my receipt valid?
    The validity period of your receipt is the actual purchase date, from the stated start time at the receipt and 2 hours forward (unless otherwise stated under the specific menu).

    If you arrive later than the specified start time, you still only have the table for 2 hours from the original start time.
  • My receipt has expired. Is my money lost?
    Since your receipt concerns a product which is only offered by our restaurants in a limited time interval, the validity of the receipt is automatically restricted thereto. For this reason, there's no refund for your receipt.
  • Can I receive the receipt as a text message?
    Yes, you always receive your receipt on both SMS and e-mail upon purchase at You just need to show one of the receipts as confirmation for your purchase at the restaurant.
  • Can I have an invoice sent for accounting?
    The order e-mail you receive after you have made a purchase can also be used as an invoice as it contains all information required.

    If you do not have your order e-mail, you can write an e-mail to our customer service asking you to re-order the order e-mail.
    Please include your order number (stated in the bank) so that we can easily find you in the system.

Gift cards & vouchers

  • Does Early Bird sell gift cards?
    Yes, we sell gift cards. You can read more and buy a gift card here.
  • Can I use my Early Bird gift card in the restaurant?
    Gift cards for Early Bird can only be used as a payment method at and can not be used in the restaurant.

    If the value on the gift card is greater than the amount in the shopping cart, you will receive a new gift card with the remaining amount via your e-mail as soon as the purchase is completed.
  • Which restaurants/bars can I use the gift card on?
    You can use your gift card for all restaurants and bars on Early Bird. The gift card can only be redeemed at - and not at the restaurant.

    You just enter the gift card code in the purchase process, and the value of your gift card will be subtracted from your purchase. If the value of your gift card is greater than the purchase, you will recieve a new gift card by e-mail with the remaining value after the purchase.
  • What if the value of my gift card is greater/smaller than my purchase?
    If the value of the gift card is greater than the amount in the shopping cart, a new gift card will be sent to your email with the remaining amount immediately after the purchase is completed.

    If the value of the gift card is less than the amount in the shopping cart, the remaining amount is paid by pressing "NEXT" in the purchase process.
  • Can I use multiple gift cards on the same order?
    Yes you can.
    First you enter one gift code and press 'USE' - then the amount will be subtracted from the purchase. Then you can repeat the same procedure with another gift code.

    However, the following applies:

    You can use multiple gift codes with specific amounts, such as one code of 100kr. and one code of 200kr., at the same booking.

    You can combine a specific gift, such as one code of 100kr. with a percentage gift code of 10%, at the same booking.

    You can't combine multiple percentage gift codes, such as one code of 10% and one code of 15%, at the same booking.
  • Gift card / voucher code does not work
    If the gift card / voucher code does not work, then we ask you to write the error message and the code to customer service, who will look at the error immediately.
  • Can I use my gift on Special?
    Unfortunately, you cannot use your Early Bird gift card on Special.

Take away

  • Can someone else pick up the food?
    Yes, it is possible to let someone else pick up the food.

    However, it is important that your order confirmation is passed on to the person who will pick up the food, as the restaurant requires presentation of the order confirmation either by text message or email when handing out the menu.
  • What if I can't get the food in time?
    As the order confirmation relates to an item which is only offered by the cooperating restaurant for a certain limited period of time, the validity of the order confirmation is automatically limited to this time period as well.

    It is nice to give a call to the restaurant if you are delayed, but unfortunately you can not get your money back for your order if you should be prevented from picking up your food.
  • Do I have to pay for the packaging down at the restaurant?
    The restaurant packs your menu in packaging that will be transportable.


  • How many bookings can you make in the same day?
    It is only possible to book one bar menu per day.
  • Is a table guaranteed?
    Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed a table with seating.
  • Is it possibly to book a table at a restaurant and a bar on the same day?
    It is possible to book a restaurant experience and a bar experience on the same day if the following applies:

    If af restaurant, like Kung Fu II, has a restaurant- and a bar profile on, you can not book both experiences at the same day
    But it's possible to book a dining experience at e.g. restaurant Naert, and afterwards redeem a bar booking at Kung Fu II.
  • What does a bar menu contain?
    All our bars have a login to, where they update their menus themselves.

    The menus offered on can similarly be found on the bar's own drink / wine and cocktail menu, which is offered to normally paying guests from the street.


  • I don't receive your newsletter even though I'm signed up?
    We send out our newsletter approximately once a week, when new restaurants or other exciting news come. However, there is not a fixed day where we send out the newsletter. You may therefore experience up to a few weeks can go by before you receive anything from us.

    If you still haven't received any email, please check your spam filter or try to sign up again.

    If you still do not receive any emails, please write to us at [email protected].
  • How do I unsubscribe your newsletter?
    You can unsubscribe the newsletter at the bottom of the newsletter you received. Here you will find a button where you can unsubscribe.


Swedish inquiries

  • Package delivery from EarlyBird Delivery
    We receive a lot of Swedish inquiries regarding missing packages.

    For questions about your package delivery, please contact the Swedish company EarlyBird Delivery, and their customer service.