Asian inspired favorites such as ramen and bao.


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Asian inspired favorites such as ramen and bao.

Why you should dine here:

  • 4 hearts in Politiken for ‘nerdy food passion’
  • Embark on an Asian food adventure


Passion for Asia

Dine your fill in Asian-inspired specialties such as 'ramen' and 'bao' at Ferment. Here in the kitchen, the ingredients are fresh, the noodles are handmade with Danish flour, and the concept is easy to understand - Ferment creates an unpretentious, cozy eatery with associations and love for Asian tasters and the colorful ‘street-kitchen’.

4 hearts for nerdy food passion

"Good ingredients and a nerdy food passion make Asian-inspired Ferment worth visiting" - says Politiken's food reviewer, who welcomes his dining experience with 4 red hearts.

Furthermore, guests say on TripAdvisor:

"Small place with charm, really good service and absolutely fantastic food"

"Their dumplings were perfect with lots of flavor. Their ramen was powerful and delicious with really delicious and still firm noodles"

Asian classics

The menu is adorned with dishes inspired by Japanese and Chinese favorites, which go straight to the home of any food lover with a taste for Asian street cuisine.
It is ramen and bao in Ferment's own way and style. Here, everything is made from scratch and preferably by hand, the taste is tailored and from the name comes the passion for fermented ingredients.