Italian cuisine in cosy settings close to the meatpacking district.



Italian cuisine in cosy settings close to the meatpacking district.

Why you should dine here:

  • 4 stars for a tour around the Italian country
  • You love Italian food
  • Authentic atmosphere


The Italian Social Dining Bar

It is in the Italian spirit to gather family and friends around a good meal and share exciting stories - a spirit that Public is inspired by. 

Here is time and space to tell about the Italian food culture and the origins of the delicacies. You will be guided around the delicious grapes and will be served the menu's Italian goodies.


4 stars and words of praise

Berlingske's reviewer came on a giro around Italy and the kitchen's 7-course menu. Happy, full and satisfied, Søren Frank acknowledges with 4 stars.

The restaurant's guests applaud with words of praise on Dinnerbooking.com, which with more than 700 reviews is rated 5.6 stars out of 6.

"Always a pleasure to visit Public. The food is right in the cupboard, the wine is wonderful and the service is far far better and personal than elsewhere in Copenhagen."


Authentic Italian on Halmtorvet

The candlelight and the aroma of the kitchen's culinary pursuits give the restaurant a southern, romantic vibe. There is a real lady and vagabond atmosphere and the restaurant combines sweet music with the city's vibrant life, raw bricks and graffiti.