Olufs Taverna

TV chef and experienced restaurant owner merges cuisines in his new-opend dining bar.

Olufs Taverna


TV chef and experienced restaurant owner merges cuisines in his new-opend dining bar.

Why you should dine here:

  • Sicilian star chef stands in the kitchen 
  • Like eating and visiting the Mediterranean


TV chef and experienced restaurant owner

The Sicilian chef, Armando Di Raffaele, has a good grip on Oluf's road in Østerbro. His family-run restaurant, L'Imperatore, has served Italian delights over the years, but now the family has expanded with a modern, combined coffee-wine and Mediterranean-style dining bar across the street.

Armando participated in the TV show Hell's Kitchen 2020, but only fire and flame make their way under pots and pans in the kitchen. On the contrary, it gives the cozy trattoria and the menu smile on the lips.


Gastronomic oasis

All sails are set to create an unpretentious and warm-hearted atmosphere at Oluf's Taverna, close to the Triangle, where the heart beats for simplicity, service and quality.

The dining bar's menu covers the early morning hunger and the appetite of the breakfast-hungry guest. Here are delicious gourmet toasts made on sourdough bread from Andersen & Maillard, filled with the best ingredients.

The menu is dictated by the taste constellations of the south, and also for the evening, the dishes have been given a portion of generous fondness for the home-made and good craftsmanship.


Sharing is Caring

Armando has taken the best of Italy with him to Denmark and shares his passion for Støvlelandets simple yet aromatic ingredients. It is obvious to divide the dishes between themselves and toast over delicious drops. Be pampered in the cozy, taverna-inspired surroundings.