Thrilla in Manila

Eat exotic Take Away from popular Filipino fusion cuisine.

Thrilla in Manila


Eat exotic Take Away from popular Filipino fusion cuisine.

Why you should buy take away here:

  • The city's first, Filipino fusion cuisine
  • Get an exotic taste experience


Fusion cuisine links Asia and the West together

There is probably nothing more exotic and bounty-like than the Philippines, and who would not like to lay down and enjoy local dishes.

Thrilla in Manila is a family-run restaurant that takes traditional Filipino cuisine to the next level. Behind the menu are innovative kitchen techniques, an abundance of Asian ingredients such as coconut, lime, soy and chili and a large portion of food passion.

Bring home the tasty menu and open up to a sensuous taste bomb of share-friendly dishes.

Guests say

"I tried Thrilla in Manila's take away in the spring and was very excited" and "It was all delicious with different and yet familiar flavors of lime, soy, chili, ginger and garlic."  - Review from TripAdvisor

“Fantastic food, delicious ingredients and really good prices. A taste universe beyond the usual.” - Review from Facebook

In addition, Thrilla in Manila is rated 9.2 out of 10 possible on Wolt.