TAPS Winebar

Wine bar with new and tasty concept.

TAPS Winebar

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Wine bar with new and tasty concept.

Why you should dine here:

  • You love a good glass of wine
  • More than 80 different bottles
  • You decide ‘which bottle’ and ‘how much’


Wine bar with new concept

At TAPS Winebar you have the opportunity to both taste and enjoy - taste and expand your knowledge of recognized wine districts with small tastings or sit back and enjoy one of your favorites with a full glass.

You choose and bottle your own wine in the desired quantity - you do not commit to buying half or whole bottles, but register your bottlings with a handed out wine card.

Success in 3 sizes

The city's first wine bar with self-tapping system hits with three tapping sizes: the tasting, the half glass or a whole glass. The new wine bar is announced on Facebook, among other things. with the words:

"Lovely wines - wonderful service and the most delicious tapas - good atmosphere"

"Fat concept with bottling of wines"

"Delicious, versatile wine menu with a little for everyone..you can try a little wine that you do not know much about and get your taste fine-tuned"

A tasty flavor-palette

Let yourself be tempted by the wine regions, grapes and price ranges of different countries.

There are more than 80 bottles to choose from - from the rich and powerful reds to aromatic white wines and refreshing rosés - from the Mediterranean to the overseas continents.

The bottles are stored in a machine that taps the wine with the right oxygenation and at the right tempering.