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Sans Souci

Classic French restaurant in historic rooms at Frederiksberg.

Sans Souci


Classic French restaurant in historic rooms at Frederiksberg.

At Madvigs Allé 15, lies a true Frederiksberg classic, namely Sans Souci, whose premises have more than 100 years of history.

Here the atmosphere is relaxed and although the place over the years has undergone modernization and renovation, the owners have still managed to preserve the DNA of the old premises - true French atmosphere.

The menucard has a varied selection of Danish and French classics is served. Who doesn't love a well-prepared, soft tatar that melts on the tongue. A good, juicy steak with seasonal garnish and to finish a mild and sweet spoonful of the chef's delicious, creamy creme brûlée.

In addition, Sans Souci is known for its lunch card, where the classic Danish sandwiches hit among the guests.

Sans Souci is not only a restaurant but also a wine room that has a lot of knowledge about the many grapes. There is a good selection of refined wines and lots of open bottles sold per glass - only the best of the best reaches the glass.


The flavors in the glass as well as the plate, the local produce and the good craftsmanship behind the serving are the focal point of Sans Souci's many years of success.

The atmosphere is warm, informal and invites you to a cozy atmosphere. The rooms are decorated with old photographs, posters and illustrations that have been found from the storehouses and hang on the walls, which in addition to the wood panels have also been given a refreshment with a dark green color.

The furniture is made of wood and gives the place warmth. The old stove has been renovated and now has its rightful place in the restaurant's dining room where with its fine details it charms and will be able to crackle and warm on a gray day. Sit down at a well-lit table with white tablecloth and candlelight and be seduced by Sans Souci's French charm.