Hey Darling

Juicy, tasteful meatballs with go-to potential.

Hey Darling


Juicy, tasteful meatballs with go-to potential.

That's why you should dine here:

  • Get yourself a Lady and the Tramp experience
  • Known for the menu's juicy meatballs
  • Top 3 rating and Travellers' Choice 2020 on TripAdvisor


A complete concept

Hey Darling has created a mouth-watering menu and tasty concept based on their own favorites.
The hallmark is the place's tasty, juicy meatballs in all sorts of varieties, prepared from local, fresh and organic ingredients.

The refreshing elements are also chosen based on your own taste, and the predilection for gin is clearly expressed on the 'wine list'.

Smiles and happy bellies

The review of the digital culture magazine Vinkkbh has among many been satiated and smiled:

"They have a humble ambition to make their guests happy. To create smiles. And the smiles they spread to the fullest"

TripAdvisor reviews say:

"Can definitely be recommended. Really good concept where everyone can find something they like. And wonderful well-prepared food from good ingredients. The only minus was that we did not have room for dessert because meatballs, sauce and accessories were so delicious.”

Present atmosphere near Kartoffelrækkerne

Hey Darling is decorated with a mix of cottage cosiness and New Yorker chic style from white, polished tiles and raw bar stools, to a wall of patinated wooden boards and colorful porcelain.
With room for only 24 guests, the place is intimate and present.