TAPS Wine Bar

Groundbreaking wine concept - tap your own wine from more than 80 bottles.

TAPS Wine Bar

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Groundbreaking wine concept - tap your own wine from more than 80 bottles.


Why you should choose this bar:

  • More than 80 different bottles of wine to choose from
  • You decide 'what' and 'how much' yourself


Pioneering wineconcept

Now you have the opportunity to both enjoy and taste. At TAPS Winebar you tap the wine yourself and have the opportunity to taste the house's various wines - more than 80 bottles to be more precise. 

You are not committed to buying a glass, half or whole bottle, but register your bottlings with a winelist provided.
So taste and expand your knowledge of recognized wine regions. It is possible to get an expert guide along the way.

Tap your own wine

TAPS Winebar is the city's first wine bar with a self-tapping system. A system that makes it easy and cheaper to taste the various bottles on the winelist. Try a so-called 'taste sample', half a glass or fill the glass completely.

On Facebook, the concept is reviewed with the words:

"Delicious, versatile winemenu with something for everyone. You can try some wines you don't know much about and fine-tune your taste".
"Lovely wines - wonderful service and the most delicious tapas - great atmosphere".

Piquant variation of taste 

Let yourself be tempted by as many as 80 different bottles, each bottled with the right oxygenation and at the right temperature. Taste different wine producers and grapes, overseas and from the Mediterranean area. Here there are both strong, red wines, fresh and floral white wines and refreshing rosés.