Grosen & Falkenbergs

Nordic cuisine is inspired by southern flavors.

Grosen & Falkenbergs


Nordic cuisine is inspired by southern flavors.

Why you should dine here:

  • Classic, Nordic everyday dishes with a twist
  • You value a sustainable concept


When it needs to be a little more delicious

Give this week's meal plan an extra spice with Grosen & Falkenberg's popular take away dishes. There are taste explosions on the menu and delicacies for both big and small stomachs.

With consideration for the environment, the kitchen puts together an honest menu with Nordic ingredients, traditional, Danish dishes and a touch of warmer skies.


Guests say

"I can highly recommend this take away, it was super delicious and good ingredient and there was pickiness for the taste." -review from Tripadvisor

"... there was plenty of food which was at the restaurant level." - review from Tripadvisor

"Picked up the most delicious little pieces of open sandwiches." "... all 7 guests were very excited." - review from Tripadvisor