Ché Fè

Tasty organic Michelin-recommended Italian food.

Ché Fè

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Tasty organic Michelin-recommended Italian food.

Why you should dine here:

  • 4 stars for accomplished Italian dining experience
  • Traditional, family recipes
  • Organic silver certificate
  • Awarded the 'Marchio Q' certificate


Pure ingredients and Italian food traditions

Ché Fè offers characterful Italian eco-food. The kitchen style is dominated by tasty slow food, and a dining experience that is 60-90% organic.

In the kitchen you will find Alessandro Jacoponi, who is one of the restaurant pioneers from the Michelin-starred Era Ora. Alessandro has also won the World Cup in risotto - and you will of course find that risotto on the menu. The kitchen pays homage to the perfect, simple meal. Ché Fè calls itself a bio trattoria, which refers to the fusion of ecology and the domestic environment.

4 stars for Italian good taste

Ché Fè reaps 4 stars at AOK, which pays homage to the sunny Italian good taste. Politiken's food critic Helle Brønnum Carlsen also acknowledges with 4 hearts and states that you:

"... can really eat their fill for quite a bit of money, and one can also give the whole arm a whole Italian meal and still get out on the other side with order in the credit accounts and a hard-filled stomach."

Italian food love

At Ché Fè there's quality to the fingertips. The restaurant is certified with the gastronomic award ‘Marchio Q’ which is given restaurants that serve food at such a high level, and prepared with ingredients imported directly from Italy that it is like eating in Italy.