Early bird

Morsel Bao

The taste of the delicious baos from China.

Morsel Bao


The taste of the delicious baos from China.

Why you should dine here:

  • Excellent reviews
  • Tasty Chinese street food 


The Chinese burger

Bao (Gut bath) is an old, traditional Chinese side dish that is a very popular street-food dish and has been making its way into the Nordic countries for the past decade.

The bao consists of a bowl where the dough is raised and then steamed. In Taiwan, the bao is often compared to the hamburger and means in Chinese: sliced ​​bread. The Bao is filled with tender meat of either pork, chicken or beef, lots of greens and spicy dressings.

A tasty menu

Morsel Bao's guests post reviews on Facebook:

"Nice to try something new. New flavors and experiences in the mouth with the special drink Bubble tea and wonderful chicken fries"


Asia merge with the North

The menu says Asia and the interior Nordic. Morsel Bao is furnished in the fashionable spirit; Nordic Spartan with clean lines and warm natural materials. There are not many square meters here, but the space is well used and it's possible to sit and eat at the bar.

The white, sterile walls have an uplift of fun, black graphics and the shelves are filled with green plants and colored glass with fermented fruit and vegetables.