La Pausa

Green fusion kitchen and great lake view are applauded with 4 hearts.

La Pausa


Green fusion kitchen and great lake view are applauded with 4 hearts.

Why you should dine here:

  • The restaurant gets 4 stars in Politiken for its cosmopolitan atmosphere
  • There is lake view and you can enjoy the view of the Søpavillonen
  • Green fusion kitchen


The green element

The menu honors the green kitchen and focuses on the best ingredients of the vegetable season.

The chef lets his own interests, i.a. for ecology, and previous experiences influence the direction and constellations of the menu. With one leg placed in the French and southern European cuisine and the other leg in the Nordic, the kitchen merges between a ‘living’ and nuanced menu of high quality.

La Pausa offers a fresh and tasty menu with dishes that cover all taste buds and appetite levels - and there are also protein-rich dishes on the menu.


Tastiness and informal cosiness

With Peblinge sø and the iconic Søpavillonen as a front view the good meal can be enjoyed with a view, in a natural and atmospheric setting. Politiken's food reviewer gives 4 hearts for a relaxed cosmopolitan atmosphere and on Facebook the guests review with words like:

"The food is healthy, fresh and tastes really good. You'll get a lot for your money"

“Cozy and with a sweet service. Nice drinks and nice furniture”

"Cozy place with a great view of the lake by the Søpavillonen"


Nordic minimalism with views and musical elements

The Nordic interior design style has been implemented from a nature-inspired color palette to clean, aesthetic surfaces and stylish interiors. The light is wonderful from the large glass sections, and outside on the café's large terrace, food, snacks and delicious drinks can sometimes be combined with live performances and jazzy tones.