Karma Sushi Trianglen

Fusion gourmet sushi at Østerbro.

Karma Sushi Trianglen


Fusion gourmet sushi at Østerbro.

Why you should dine here:

  • Sustainable and modern fusion cuisine
  • You love fish
  • Be drawn by the temptations of Japan


Fusion sushi in the gourmet class

The kitchen experiments with alternative and innovative taste experiences and varying textures, to challenge the crowd of the ‘mainstream’ sushi in the cityscape. The ingredients are the breeding ground for good karma, as they are selected with sustainability and the environment in mind. Here, quality ingredients are crucial to the tasty sushi experience.

Put your teeth in fresh king crab, blood red tuna or silky scallops combined with luxurious ingredients such as oysters and fois gras or let the sushi pieces be rolled with cream cheese and dressings, as is customary in California.

Fusion cuisine that impresses

"A completely insane and sumptuous meal that will be long forgotten!" - These are the words of Gastromand's writer, who with an appetizing article describes the delights and gives an impression of how playful and experimental the kitchen is with flavors inspired by Japanese, French and Nordic cuisine.

Sensual Japan

The restaurant has been decorated in a stylish way, where the elegance of the Nordic countries and Japan go hand in hand. The austere lines and the dark tones are broken is a budding, Japanese spring - pink cherry branches and origami crane birds hang from the ceiling down and complete a sensuous journey into the culinary world.