Delicious tapas and stylish design at Barcelona-inspired restaurant.



Delicious tapas and stylish design at Barcelona-inspired restaurant.

Why you should dine here:

  • You love Barcelona, ​​Spanish food and wine
  • Large tapas selection


A trip to the Spanish city

RAMBLA bar & grill is inspired by modern Barcelona. The style is simple, cozy and honest, and the food is the best of all worlds. Here, small, hot and cold tapas dishes, steaks and fish from the grill are served.

You get a varied and exquisite tapas selection in RAMBLA's tasting menu or what they call "family style dining" with many different taste experiences.

Praise for Spanish well-being in the middle of Ørestad

Head to RAMBLA and experience the family-warm atmosphere, Spanish wine and delicious tapas in stylish, simple surroundings. Here the guests are happy to return as both food, service and surroundings play. Among other things, on TripAdvisor:

"Cozy place. Good food. Nice service"

"Great place with good atmosphere and great food and the best service"

"Sweet waiters, exciting and very tasty tapas combinations. Good ingredients and especially innovative use of the various vegetables. Cozy atmosphere with really good acoustics"

A sensuous and filling break

Close to the vibrant shopping mecca, Fields, hides an inviting restaurant that combines the warmth and flavor combinations of the south with the neat elegance of the north in an architectural setting.