CO-MA Madsalen

Unique cocktails and french cuisine in cozy settings.

CO-MA Madsalen

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Unique cocktails and french cuisine in cozy settings.

Why you should dine here:

  • Get happy and full of French country cuisine
  • Modern and vibrant setting
  • You love a delicious cocktail


Cocktails & Mad

At CO-MA, the dining experience goes hand in hand with the bartender's knowledge. Pamper your taste buds, sit back and enjoy a delicious selection of specialties where both dry and wet harmonize.

The menu is inspired by French country cuisine, and the dishes are prepared from the season's best Nordic ingredients. Take a well-prepared and culinary journey around the restaurant's 10-course tasting menu. It's pure pleasure! Combine the dishes with an extraordinary, exciting cocktail menu, which is tailored to the food. The bar and kitchen manager makes a symphony out of the ingredients.


The concept that hits

Guests love the ‘Cocktails & Food’ combination and on TripAdvisor mention:

"Great service, great food and fun with cocktail menu."

"Really delicious food that there was plenty of, so we got really full. The staff were sweet and helpful, I got help with which cocktail best suited the food, and then each dish was presented."


Atmospheric surroundings

The dining room has a casual and warm atmosphere with subdued lighting, colorful art, modern interiors and with a relaxed lounge bar. Invite your girlfriend or friends out and have a unique dining experience with lots of refreshing drinks. Bon appetite!