Á Part

Francophilic flavors in atmospheric settings at Dauphine's sister restaurant.

Á Part


Francophilic flavors in atmospheric settings at Dauphine's sister restaurant.

Why you should dine here:

  • You love the taste of France
  • Good craftsmanship and exciting wine and food universe
  • Hunting room vibes


A conceptual universe with food and wine

Á Part, former restaurant Les Trois, gives something for every taste buds. With a new address, name change and redefined concept, the owner of Á Part has again opened their doors with tasty food and wine.

The francophilic taste experience is still here - as knowned from Les Trois. The menu and wine list are solid and full of flavors.

The guests welcome the french specialties

There are different kinds of menues here - small menues and a la carte dishes which can be shared like tapas. French specialties such as, among others. delicious oysters, caviar, cheeses, homemade pates and foie gras on the plate.
The wines are primarily from France and the well-known wine districts - in all price ranges.

"Cozy place with delicious wines and fantastic little dishes. A super gastropub!"

"... great food and great wines"

"Lovely competent and smiling, welcoming staff"

French crafts virtues and cozyness

Á Part oozes warmth and informal coziness. Although the formalities are turned down a bit, the quality in the glass and on the plate are still high.

As the sister restaurant, Dauphine, serves a gourmet dinner with tablecloths the dishes at Á Part, as the name refers to, consist of light and individual dishes focusing on French specialties served a la tapas style.