Vesterbro Vinstue

Vesterbro Vinstue - a winetastic space on Istedgade.

Vesterbro Vinstue


Vesterbro Vinstue - a winetastic space on Istedgade.

Why you should dine here:

  • Perfect for the romantic date
  • You love a good glass of wine


Menu card with Nordic fauna

At Vesterbro Vinstue they do not like dogmas or manifestos. Here both wine and food are for connoisseurs and for those who are completely newcomers.
The mission is simple: Serve quality food inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine with focus on the Nordic fauna. The card is characterized by dishes with wild meat and seasonal ingredients and individual flavors.

The really good restaurant experience

Guests give great reviews on TripAdvisor and at Facebook:

"We got really good food, nice red wine and really good service"

"Lovely evening with fantastic dinner - highly recommended and we will happily come again"

"Delicious food for the money and wonderful wine in the glasses"

"The composition of the ingredients is refreshing and inspiring"

Symphony in the glass

In addition to the food the wine list also carries a large part of the restaurant experience. The restaurant's name has clear references to the world of grapes and a symphony is created in the combination of food and wine through the various aromas, textures and intense flavors which the waiter is happy to present and guide you around - in the most relaxed way.

You will find a wide and delicious wine list, to which the restaurant itself imports most of their wines directly from the vineyards.