Vin & Petanque

Delicacies, rich wine profile and popular ball game at 'Wine Bar of the Year 2020/21'.

Vin & Petanque


Delicacies, rich wine profile and popular ball game at 'Wine Bar of the Year 2020/21'.

Why you should dine here:

  • Named ‘Wine Bar of the Year 2020/21’
  • You love a good glass of wine
  • The adventurous, cozy experience


Combine wine, food and ball games

Everyone can play petanque and if you are into competitive sports, have plans to become part of the Danish Petanque Association or if it's just a fun game with friends, then everyone is welcome. Vin & Petanque is an atmospheric and cozy wine bar, which with its relaxed atmosphere combines ball games, delicate grapes and light, appetizing dishes with the notes of the south.


Passionate wine bar

Be both tempted and inspired by the house's broad wine profile, which entices with full-bodied, aromatic drops. The wine bar's great passion for grapes shines through the staff's knowledge, and the wine list is a mix of traditional wines, natural wines and newly discovered wine producers, which are sold in different price ranges, so everyone can join.


On Facebook, the lively and playful concept is mentioned, among other things. with the words:

"Fantastic concept. I absolutely love the atmosphere and the good wines"

"Expert and very friendly staff"

"High-level cosiness in fantastic surroundings. And wine for everyone"


The historical ball game

The game of petanque can be dated a century back but different versions of the popular ball game can be attributed to 18th century Southern Europe.

The game as we know it has its roots from the south of France. First the game was reserved for the nobility, later the athletes as the game consisted of both running and jumping and the length of the course and the weight of the balls were somewhat longer and heavier than what we know off today.  However, it's still all about getting closest to the pig or at French le cochonnet.