Gourmet kitchen with francophile constellations.



Gourmet kitchen with francophile constellations.

Why you should dine here:

  • Tasty French notes
  • Ranks the top on TripAdvisor


A historic name - Aarhus's Crown Princess

Restaurant Dauphine is one of Aarhus' oldest restaurants. Dauphine has been in Frederiksgade, a few stone's throw from the river, since 1996. Here you'll get great, French-inspired and Danish gourmet food with a loving and committed service.

The name Dauphine is of French origin and the royal title used from the 1100s onwards. The title was giving the Crown Princess. The name derives from the fictional eatery "Brasserie Dauphine" in Paris which Georges Simenon describe in his popular books on Commissaire Maigret.


The guests say

Dauphine's guests have reviewed on Google:

"We have had many fantastic experiences at Dauphine since October 1996".

“Lovely food and service. Can definitely be recommended".

"Dauphine has been my favorite for many years".


Outstanding French cuisine

The style of cuisine is French, but with Danish accents. The focus is on the good quality ingredients. Here you can enjoy fish, poultry, plenty of vegetables and good meat. Enjoy three evening servings with delicious, seasonal products and take note of the restaurant's dedicated service.