A-KIN Thai

Intense flavor bomb and modern dishes at authentic Thai with 4 stars in JP.

A-KIN Thai


Intense flavor bomb and modern dishes at authentic Thai with 4 stars in JP.

Why you should dine here:

  • 4 stars in JP to make it 'excellent'
  • Spice up your everyday life up with exotic taste impressions
  • "Aarhus' best Pad Thai" - guest review


Exotic taste trip to Thailand

Bring A-KIN Thai to the colorful and spicy Thailand. Here, the traditional Thai favorites get a touch of modern Asia with personal ingenuity and fresh market goods.

The menu has both power and fullness, and has a solid selection of popular street food dishes such as the well-known Pad thai in addition to dishes with fried rice and noodles with either chicken, tiger prawns or beef, fried and turned in aromatic curry or coconut milk.

Eat well-seasoned wok dishes or get warm with the Tom Yum soup. The menu is a taste bomb of chili, Thai basil and lemongrass, fresh lime and sprinkled with coriander and crunchy crispy peanuts.


Excellent food gets 4 stars

Appreciative words and warm recommendations smile at A-KIN Thai, which with its sure taste hits and classic Thai dishes gets 4 stars from Jyllands-Posten's reviewer, Jens H ..

The personal, homemade favorites are appreciated by the restaurant's guests and credited with the following reviews on Facebook:

"Aarhus' best pad thai! They also make it with chicken. Absolutely perfect."

"Top nice restaurant. Fresh and very well tasted food. Delicious interior and good service. Best recommendations from here."

"Great place - with great atmosphere."


A pleasant oasis

Personal service and informal cosiness is equal to an evening at A-KIN Thai. Sit at the table and be served a small bite of Thailand in ceramic bowls. Enjoy a 'break' from everyday life and dream away to distant destinations at this small, atmospheric oasis.