La Casa Di Antonio

Take a trip to southern Italy and taste sourdough pizzas baked on traditional Neapolitan recipes.

La Casa Di Antonio


Take a trip to southern Italy and taste sourdough pizzas baked on traditional Neapolitan recipes.

That's why you should dine here

  • 72 hours cold-raised sourdough pizza dough
  • Traditional, Neapolitan recipes
  • Eat in Neapolitan fashion, without cutlery


Like visiting a pizzaria in Naples

La Casa Di Antonio is Midtown's small, cozy trattoria with open kitchen and a slap on the Neapolitan taste constellations.

Here, pizzas are served in a traditional, Neapolitan manner with crispy, thin bottoms, airy crusts and delicious, simple fillings. The kitchen ensures the Italian good taste and fills the menu with quality ingredients; tomato sauce made on sweet, ripe tomatoes, cream cheeses, truffle oil, Italian hams, bresaola and fresh herbs.

There is a doomed holiday atmosphere, food joy and a cozy restaurant experience, so invite the family for pizza, toast in Italian beer, red grapes and eat in Neapolitan fashion, without cutlery.


Pizza spot with great reviews

For many, pizza is a cozy eat that gathers family and friends around the table. In addition to being a popular cuisine, Italian cuisine awakens the senses of most Danes.
On Facebook, the reviews include:

"Fantastic pizza, great atmosphere and fast service. Great evening out"

"Delicious potato pizza - so delicious bottom, fresh rosemary - no cheap solutions or skip actions!"

“Super delicious pizzas and Italian beer”


With rest and baking in mind

The ovens are in full swing, the gesturing and the Italian words are in full swing. While the atmosphere is vibrant and authentic, the temperature and work pace have been turned down when it comes to pizza dough. For more than 72 hours, the dough has rested, been turned and rested again - and is the trick to the best pizza dough, if you ask La Casa Di Antonio - before it is rolled out and baked.

Here, the pizza dough is made on a sourdough base that gives a unique taste and nice crispiness when baked in the Scugnizzo Nepoletano oven for just over 90 seconds.