Brasserie Belli

Recognized bistro based in the French peasant cuisine.

Brasserie Belli


Recognized bistro based in the French peasant cuisine.

Why you should dine here:

  • To the francophile guest
  • Aarhus Update - ‘innovation and creativity’
  • Ingrediens are grown and traded locally


The circus family's complete dining universe

Belli is a popular eatery where you can expect a hearty meal and authentic, French bistro atmosphere with crooked circus charm and friendly service.


French taste and colorful setting

Aarhus Updates food reviewer praises Bellis' accomplished, French bistro style and sums up the evening with the following:

"At Restaurant Belli, it's like stepping into a small French bistro - in France, of course. The dishes are large, well-appointed, visually appealing, and there are strong ties to traditional French cuisine. There is a laid-back and cozy atmosphere and the food was extremely tasty. These are traditional dishes that are served, but not old-fashioned. There is both innovation and creativity to be traced, but not at the expense of taste."


Popular, French cuisine

The menu primarily offers French classics such as mushroom soup, coq au vin, crème brûlée and Tarte Tatin. The food is honest and made from good, fresh ingredients from local suppliers. For example, the apples have found their way from Grandma Bitten's garden, and selected green delicacies are grown under healthy conditions in the Brothers Bellis herb garden.