Skovmøllen Ø

Taste Danish culinary art in enchanting settings, where history meets the present.

Skovmøllen Ø


Taste Danish culinary art in enchanting settings, where history meets the present.

Why you should dine here:

  • Unique architecture by Bjarke Ingels Group
  • Historic atmosphere in modern settings
  • Reimagined Danish culinary experiences
  • Indoor natural and forest tranquility
  • 200-year-old cultural heritage


Unique architecture by the water

On the harbor front of Aarhus Ø, Skovmøllen Ø is located in three unique houses designed by Bjarke Ingels Group. One with a thatched roof, one a wooden structure, and one a greenhouse. Inside these interconnected houses, tradition blends with innovation.

Here, the place manages to capture the essence of the historical Skovmøllen at Moesgaard, which has been and continues to be a landmark in Aarhus for 200 years.


A tribute to Aarhus' history

Stepping into Skovmøllen Ø is like taking a step back in time, mixed with today's refinement.

The furniture is carefully selected from the local JL Møllers Furniture Factory. The walls are adorned with paintings and references to Skovmøllen at Moesgaard. The local history is celebrated in modern frames, creating an atmosphere that is cozy and welcoming.

The forest in the greenhouse, created with 8,000 small branches, produces an illusion of sitting in the middle of a forest, adding an extra dimension to your dining experience. The unique setting reflects a strong connection to nature and deep respect for Aarhus' history.


Culinary experiences from the forest

The menu at Skovmøllen Ø testifies to a love for Danish food and quality, inspired by the original Skovmøllen. The dishes are a tribute to Danish ingredients and traditional recipes, presented with a modern twist.

As a guest, you can expect a culinary journey that not only satisfies the stomach but also the soul, with dishes that complement the unique atmosphere and carefully decorated surroundings.