Trattoria Sud

Bring home an authentic Neapolitan experience.

Trattoria Sud

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Bring home an authentic Neapolitan experience.

Why you should buy take away here:

  • Bring home an authentic Neapolitan experience
  • Italian, family run restaurant
  • 3rd best reviewed Italian restaurant on TripAdvisor


Neapolitan taste hits

Are you also hungry for delicious, creamy pasta dishes that taste more? Bring the Italian latitudes home in your carrier bag.

At Trattoria Sud there are traditional, Neapolitan dishes on the menu - as mum would make them.

Dream away to the South of Italy and pamper your taste buds with i.a. homemade sauces and al dente pasta dishes.

The two brothers from Gaeta in Italy bring food joy and manage to modernize the classic, Italian cuisine.


Guests say

"The food was complete and tasty and you got through many wonderful dishes." - Review from TripAdvisor

"Incredibly delicious dining experience." - Review from TripAdvisor

"There was plenty of food too so an adult man could get full." - Review on TripAdvisor