Pizzeria MaMeMi

Authentic gourmet pizzas are honored by reputable food magazine.

Pizzeria MaMeMi


Authentic gourmet pizzas are honored by reputable food magazine.

Why you should buy take away here:

  • Italian, family-run restaurant with Michelin experience and organic menu
  • Recommended by Italian food magazine
  • Pizza in the gourmet class


A piece of Italian food culture, to go

Are you for a cozy pizza or do you need tablecloths, candles and good company to add color to everyday life?

Share the Italian spirit - sharing is caring - and invite to gourmet pizza from the popular and critically acclaimed Italian, MaMeMi. Here are local specialties and organic ingredients are on the menu. The Barletta brothers cook authentic, Italian relish To Go. The delicious pizzas have a crispy edge and a filling of sour, sweet and spicy, which melts on the tongue.


Guests say

"It's a pleasure to come here and enjoy the pizzas created by a team of young people from Rome." - Food review in Gambero Rosso

"We ordered 4 different pizzas for take away, and we were not disappointed. The pizzas here are very different from regular pizzas… The filling is very varied and exciting, and it gives a completely different taste experience." - Review from Tripadvisor

In addition, Pizzeria MaMeMi is rated at 8.8 out of 10 possible at Wolt.