Asian-inspired favorites like 'ramen' and 'bao'.


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Asian-inspired favorites like 'ramen' and 'bao'.

Why you should buy take away here:

  • Embark on an Asian food adventure
  • 4 hearts in Politiken for 'nerdy food passion'
  • You will find fermented food exciting


Asian, nerdy cuisine

Do you have a penchant for Asian cuisine, and are you tempted to bring home the culinary nuances?

Restaurant Ferment has created an appetizing take away menu - a taste bomb with a refined, highly topical food trend. Here you will find well-known, popular fast food favorites, crisp and soft, strong and mild notes from Asia and homemade, fermented surprises.

If you have not yet become acquainted with the chemical decomposition process of raw materials, you should, like Politiken's food reviewer, get a food experience that performs at a high and playful level, and which sets hearts on fire.


Guests say

"Ferment lives up to its name, and fermentation is played with in both food and drink." - Review on Tripadvisor

"... Their dumplings were perfect with lots of flavor. Their ramen was powerful and delicious with really delicious and still firm noodles." - Review on Tripadvisor

"Super cool concept, and great ideas." - Review on Tripadvisor