Refined FAMO cuisine with Italian specialties and authentic takeaway.



Refined FAMO cuisine with Italian specialties and authentic takeaway.

Why you should buy takeaway here:

  • Italian behind take away menu rated 4 stars in Berlingske
  • The source of a good gourmet experience, at home
  • Authentic Italian specialties


Refined FAMO kitchen behind authentic takeaway

Sweeten everyday life, as the Italians - invite you to refined taste constellations and popular classics. FAMO Saxo, has a playful approach to Italian cuisine, beautifies and adapts the menu of the day based on dew-fresh ingredients.

Their authentic take away with Italian delicacies and seasonal ingredients oozes quality and both smells and tastes like Italy. Vegetables, prosciutto and delicious cheeses are imported from the Italian latitudes - and complimented by both guests and food critic, Søren Frank, who credits FAMO with 4 stars.

Pick up the carrier bag and invite friends over for a gourmet class Italian evening.


Guests say

"Restaurant Famo, under the title Famo a Casa, delivers excellent authentic food as a set to eat at home." - Review from Søren Frank, Berlingske

"Got last night's Take Away menu from FAMO and it's some of the best take away food I've ever had. Really tasty and then there was plenty."  - Review from Facebook

"Definitely the best Italian experience one can get." - Review from TripAdvisor