Kung Fu II

Japanese gastropub merges between traditional and modern gastronomy.

Kung Fu II


Japanese gastropub merges between traditional and modern gastronomy.

Why you should buy takeaway her:

  • Take home the Japanese gastropub, Izakaya
  • A culinary taste explosion
  • Just finishing just sushi


Authentic fusion cuisine

At Kung Fu ll, you get an authentic dining experience to take home in your carrier bag. The restaurant is based on the Japanese gastropub, Izakaya - a culture and eatery offering original Japanese dishes.

Kung Fu II merges between traditional cuisine and modern Japanese gastronomy. From the robatayaki (robata) charcoal grill, fish, seafood and fresh vegetables are prepared. It sizzles from the pots, the bao buns are steamed and the sushi rolls get the final twist on top.

Well-known ingredients such as ginger, chili, panko, seaweed and wasabi are important ingredients in Japanese cuisine. Kung Fu II is an exciting food universe that combines the ingredients in the best way. You get everything from fresh, crispy and crunchy to soft and sloppy dishes - be tempted and take a bid from Japan home today.


Guests say

"... 4 small, special but absolutely terrific starters, 2 main courses (2 delicious bao's) and a small tasty dessert to finish off a really successful menu." Review from Tripadvisor.

"... And their ramen is super delicious!" Review from Tripadvisor

In addition, Kung Fu II scores 8.6 on Wolt.