v.Lo Vinbar

Acclaimed sommelier from New York geeks out on sustainable wine at former Malbeck winebar location.

v.Lo Vinbar


Acclaimed sommelier from New York geeks out on sustainable wine at former Malbeck winebar location.

Why you should choose this bar: 

  • World wine with sustainable principles
  • 300 different bottles; classics, natural wines and bubbles
  • New York inspired winebar in former Malbeck premises


Owner with a flair for world wine

The owner, Patrick Mouritzen, developed a taste for wine after a long stay in Argentina. The passion resulted in his own winebar, Malbeck, which Patrick opened back in 2006. Here the focus was on the South American grapes that Copenhageners have enjoyed for a number of years.

As a sommerlier, Patrick has made some of his skills in New York. Here he developed his winetaste and when he returned from the USA, Malbeck was facing a lot of changes. With a name change to v.Lo Vinbar and an interior inspired by New York's winebars, Patrick has opened the doors to Vesterbro's new winebar, which pays tribute to the world's best wine producers.

The taste of quality without dogma

At v.Lo Vinbar, the interest in sustainability and ecology is reflected in the winelist. Several bottles come from vineyards that consciously grow in the spirit of the times, natural wines - some more traditional than others - but 100% handpicked.
Dive into funky eco-wines, sparkling bubbles, orange wines or enjoy powerful grapes from e.g. France and Argentina and full-flavoured glasses from Italy and Spain.

If you're a wine specialist, you can browse around 300 bottles, but you'll also find a solid selection by the glass, which for most people is probably more tangible. Delights include Altamira Malbec 2005 from Mendoza or a glass of white wine, Chardonnay from 2017.

New Yorker vibe at Vesterbro

In many ways, the hyped Vesterbro is reminiscent of hip New York with cozy wine bars. v.Lo offers a casual, laid-back atmosphere, open wine bar with a view to giant wine coolers. Take a seat at the bar or find your corner, where good wine and light snacks can be enjoyed with friends.