Gastronomic POP UP merges with Michelin-recommended Mes and Meille.


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Gastronomic POP UP merges with Michelin-recommended Mes and Meille.

Why you should dine here:

  • Michelin-recommended restaurants behind new pop-up interaction
  • Nordic plate magic
  • Informal fine dining experience that can be paid for


A tasty gourmet cuisine

POP UP 26 is the newest restaurant by Mads Rye Magnusson, who has combined the best of his 3 successful restaurants Meille, Mes and Spazio 26, where Mes and Meille both in 2020 are Michelin-recommended.

With Mads’ past at the Michelin restaurants Noma and Geranium, he loves to dedicate his new pop-up restaurant to the gourmet kitchen by sharing an "affordable luxury” experience with his costumers.

POP UP 26 serves a delicious 5-course gourmet menu which is dictated by the elegance of Nordic cuisine  and fuses with the southern taste facets, seasonal and local ingredients and a personal touch.


The gastronomic playground

The Copenhagen food scene is the chef's playground. POP UP 26 will continuously offer changing gastronomic concepts and happenings and you are invited to a completed fine dining experience inspired by the dogmas of Mes and Meille.


New charming surroundings

The building's façade is in itself charming and is located in the cozy dining area at Store Regnegade with Jazzhus Montmartre as a neighbor.

POP UP 26 invites you inside for a cozy, fine dining experience. Take a seat at the well-set table and enjoy a dedicated and quiet, ambrosian restaurant experience.