Brasseriet Liva

An authentic houseboat dining experience in the charming Nyhavn.

Brasseriet Liva


An authentic houseboat dining experience in the charming Nyhavn.

Why you should dine here:

  • Brasserie on the water
  • Delicacies with French flavor


An authentic houseboat-dining experience

Cross the bridge and take a seat at Liva II, the floating brasserie. The white boat is tethered to Nyhavn's quay and is a historic, cultural milestone. Liva II houses both a brasserie and a café, where the latter has been part of the city's regular cabaret scene since 1983.


Get on board and take a seat on the deck

Visit one of the city's nicest brasseries, which, like no other, offers, in addition to an inviting menu, both views and the sound of crashing waves. A combination that is welcomed with great guest reviews on Facebook:

“Super cozy restaurant, delicious surroundings and great staff. Truly a wonderful experience. We look forward to coming again"

"Great food with great views"

"Super professional service, well-cooked food, good craftsmanship and fine wines - definitely worth a visit"

"Definitely worth a recommendation. You can taste that the restaurant cares for the ingredients. It's absolutely amazing"


Classic brasserie dishes with southern notes

The kitchen is cooked with love for the good, fresh ingredients, and the menu contains the best of French and Italian flavors and constellations.

You'll find classics like the creamy bisque, white wine steamed mussels, steak fries, oysters and seafood, powerful chocolate fondant and a refreshing lemon pie.