Great food with a view in Bjarke Ingels' award winning, 8tallet.



Great food with a view in Bjarke Ingels' award winning, 8tallet.

Why you should dine here:

  • 4 hearts in Politiken
  • Award winning architecture - 'Best green roof of the year'


Award-winning construction

Right on the edge of the Kalvebod Fælled lies Bjarke Ingels (BIG's) award-winning construction 8 Tallet which among other things wins the award for 'Best Green Roof of the Year'.
Restaurant 8tallet is located at the bottom of the building and here you can experience perhaps the best view of the city witch combine world architecture with nature, sky and horizon all in one.


4 red hearts for the great meal with a view

Sit down and enjoy the view along with delicious food and drinks which receive 4 out of 6 hearts by the reviewer from Politiken.

The kitchen style is traditional, combined with the modern - just like the location. At 8-Tallet you will get brunch, delicious sandwiches or a good, solid café burger for lunch and a 3 course dinner in the evening.


Take a trip to Ørestaden

Café 8-Tallet is a healthy offer for a culinary excursion destination away from the busy urban life with noisy traffic. Enjoy a dinner with an outstanding view. Enjoy a cultural experience before or after dinner at The Royal Arena, less than half an hour walk from the café.